Counselling Sessions

Making the decision to seek help is a decision of courage.

Often times our lives can feel unbalanced, unfulfilling or lonely. Living with a sense of authenticity and self compassion can feel foreign or difficult to maintain, yet are two ways in which we can experience joy in our relationship with ourself and others.

Therapy is journey together on a healing path that feels right for you. Drawing on a number of principles are approaches, Lori helps her clients navigate their current circumstances based on the understanding of sometimes very old patterns of behaviour, relationship cycles and deeply held beliefs that might be getting in the way of their own happiness.


Although counselling can focus on general wellness and emotional health, Lori also specializes in supporting clients who may have experienced:

  • Addiction to drugs, alcohol or gambling
  • Families and partners to someone with an addiction
  • Sex Addiction or Partner Betrayal (infidelity)
  • Childhood trauma
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder including combat trauma or trauma related to a workplace incident


As a regulated health professional, Lori is approved by most insurance plans. Clients are encouraged to check with their individual provider if they are interested in seeking reimbursement for services provided.


Counselling is provided at Lori’s office in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia or Online by secure web based platforms.

Contact us directly for information on specific rates.

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