Adult Assessment

In Canada, it is estimated that approximately 21% of the population (about 6 million people) will meet the criteria for addiction in their lifetime.

Understanding how the use of alcohol, drugs or other problematic behaviours (gambling, sex, pornography) is impacting on your life is one of the first steps in knowing how to address it. Every person is unique, with their own history, their own desires and own hopes for the future.

The Assessment Process

Using a framework of four sessions together, the assessment process looks like this:

  • Three individual sessions to hear your story, gather information and complete standardized tests aimed at understanding how any substance use and mental health issues may be at play. One of these sessions may include a partner, spouse or concerned family member.
  • One feedback session to share results of the assessment and a suggested treatment plan going forward.
  • Collaboration with other professionals if needed (family doctor, psychologist, etc).
  • Urine drug screenings



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